USA Yoga Board of Directors

Jennifer Vanderhart, PhD, President

Jennifer Vanderhart started practicing yoga after a string of running injuries. Having been a runner and college basketball player, she knows first-hand the power of yoga to heal the body. In addition to a daily practice, she has attended dozens of seminars and workshops, and twice she attended the week-long Advanced Seminar. Jennifer has demonstrated at the USA Yoga Competition since 2010 and has placed in her state of Virginia, the USA Yoga National competitions, and has competed internationally. She teaches hot Pilates and loves to help others get strong, play, and discover new ways to enjoy their yoga. She has been a member of the USA Yoga Board of Directors since 2017.

Jennifer is a PhD Economist who has been consulting and testifying for more than 25 years. She is a Principal at Analytics Research Group, and was an instructor at Texas A&M University in the departments of Economics and Management.

Sarah Gnerre, Vice-President

Sarah Gnerre has been practicing yoga regularly for 15 years under Sara Curry and her team of talented teachers. For the last five she has been competing in the senior division. In 2018, Sarah completed 500-hour training under Craig Villani. She teaches the Bikram method in Portsmouth, NH at Blaze Yoga and Pilates and in Rockland, Maine at Earth Flow + Fire. 
She leads business development as vice president of philanthropy at Five Maples Development Communications. There, she works with nonprofit organizations throughout the Northeast on their messaging to donors in service of raising more money to change and save lives. Prior, she was vice president at a Massachusetts community hospital where she led the completion of its $6.5M capital campaign. She has raised millions in higher ed, the arts and humane organizations. She is a leadership volunteer with Arts in Reach, mentoring teenage girls through the arts, and a board member of the John Greenleaf Whittier Home Museum. She regularly presents development and grant-writing seminars at fundraising conferences and for the University of New Hampshire's professional fundraising certification program. She holds a bachelor of science in business administration from UNH and earned an MBA in 2005.
She is a grandmother and lives in Portsmouth, NH with her husband, Chris Mulligan. 

Jordan Hendler Dorn, Treasurer and Board Member

As the founder of Admin Concepts, Inc. and a second-generation association and conference manager, her passion and focus professionally is for finding administrative solutions, for both associations and small businesses, while also lending time for non-profit work. Personally, she finds family life of utmost importance, with a personal balance of maintaining a yoga practice. She is married to her husband Barry with whom she has three children. She enjoys her family time together; traveling, going to movies or even riding dirt bikes.
Jordan has been practicing yoga for about 8 years with Bikram Yoga Richmond, originally under Garland Hume whom she respects and adores. She was so thrilled to be able to participate at the 2018 Midwest Regionals with her studio team who are so supportive. Competing is such a personally enriching experience, and she hopes that her contributions to USA Yoga will help others to find the same.  She enjoys working with non-profit organizations as a profession, so she is happy to be helping the USA Yoga Marketing Committee to reach their larger world community.

Jordan helps the board with Press Releases and general PR advice.

Erika Kelble - Secretary and Board Member

Erika ran into yoga when she was 19 after learning meditation as a means of combating tension- migraine headaches. She then picked up a physical asana practice, and over 30 odd years has moved fluidly in and out of several different yoga disciplines. She has come to believe they are all worth learning and serve a person differently at different times in their life. Erika has found her yoga practice becoming a more important component of her life and strives to find ways to give back. She feels yoga has brought wonderful people, health and balance into her life when she most needed these things and would be honored to help others find their practice through USA Yoga.

Erika graduated from Tufts University with a combined BA in Biology and Psychology. She co-owns Ashby Gap Adventures with her husband Jeff and has experience running small businesses, with town management, and with non-profits. Erika currently lives in rural Virginia with her two daughters and her husband.

Jean Agress, Ph.D., Board Chair of Judges Committee

Jean Agress found the hot room in 2010 and has been practicing hot yoga almost daily ever since. She was fascinated by how the deeper calmness and focus she experienced after each class carried throughout her day.

She was inspired to share what she had learned through this wonderful 90-minutes, 26 posture series with others, which led her to pursue Bikram yoga teacher training in 2013.

Jean’s aspiration is to plant as many “yoga seeds” as she can in the hearts of others so they can benefit from the same healing power, both mental and physical, that she experienced.

To advance her skill as a teacher, she decided to become a USA Yoga certified judge and coach in 2015 by participating in USA Yoga judge’s clinic.

Jean hopes to increase awareness of USA Yoga Federation to students and teachers of all disciplines of yoga as well as the general public.

Glenn Brown, Board Member

Glenn Brown moved with his family to New Albany, Indiana when he was 6 years old, and it is still his home. As the last of 6 kids he attributes sibling rivalry to his competitive edge. He began practicing yoga as a 17 year old as a complementary practice for meditation & kung fu. Finding his way through depression in high school he shifted his focus from swimming & wrestling to art, music, movement art, and meditation. He decided then he wanted to work toward being a Kung fu & Yoga teacher, and an artist & author. His search for a school, teacher, and work was difficult, but full of great life lessons. He finally met his Kung fu teacher, Sifu Keith Dwan of the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts, while Keith was visiting Louisville from England with his school for a Martial arts tournament. Glenn expressed his interest in form over fighting, and was invited to a Hsing-i Kung Fu, Qigong, and Acupressure training, which he attended in England in 2001.

In the spring of 2002 he went to his first Bikram Yoga class at Bikram Yoga Indiana where he met the woman who would become his wife, Ayanna. She was the only teacher at the time, and the co owner. She believed in his potential, and the studio sponsored him to go to Bikram Yoga teacher training the same year in the Fall. Glenn has taught at Bikram Yoga Indiana from 2002 to the present. He fell in love with yoga because of its similarities to kung fu & qigong, and its amazing diversity of postures & styles.

The day of his Teacher Training graduation he & Ayanna were invited to be competitors in a mock yoga championship at a judging & coaching clinic for the Bishnu Ghosh Cup International Yoga Asana Championship to be held in 2003. That experience lit the competitive fire for Glenn, and he has competed every year except for one, taking a year off to focus on coaching. He is the 14 time Indiana men’s Regional Yoga Champion. He also continues his work as an artist & author, and self published his first book of poetry & art “ Four in the Fire “ in 2007. More work is coming soon.

After 8 years of teaching primarily Bikram Yoga he started teaching more private lessons based on his private practice. His kung fu teacher had encouraged him to continue developing his home practice so he could lead a personalized warm up & warm down for Kung fu students. Over the years this developed into his own method of qigong & yoga blended together. In 2010 Glenn founded Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts LLC , and has focused the past 8 years on practicing, teaching, and training teachers in Lionflow Yoga.

He feels Lionflow Yoga benefited his championship routine by teaching him to express where he is in the moment without heat, extra time in the pose, or intense breathing for body heat. The style focuses on calm intentional motion, breathing, and short holds in stillness. Learning to accept where you are today, and to have a conversation with your body instead of an argument.

Glenn Brown, Board Member

Cat Levine, Board Member

Cat Levine’s mission is to help people create positive change in their lives, mind, body, spirit in a warm and welcoming environment. She believes that through a high level of dedication to yoga, people can discover their strengths, build confidence and change their own lives through practice and discipline.

Cat is passionate about promoting yoga competition because for her, it is a capsule of a person in 3 minutes where competitors show their true selves. It is the most beautiful thing. Yoga competition reveals how competitors  have practiced to get there, their attitudes about themselves and others and their relationship to the Self in one pure, present moment.

Yoga changed Cat's life over and over again since her first class over 15 years ago. Her primary goal is to teach her yoga students to create strong connections to who they are in a fun and supportive environment. She has a strong focus on diversity and inclusive teaching. She teaches with joy and warmth.
Featured twice in ESPN Yoga, Cat is a coach and athlete for USA Yoga.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cat arrived in Chicago 11 years ago. She began her daily yoga practice in Vancouver, Canada, in January, 2004. She attended teacher training in Spring, 2011, and has taught in the US, UK, Mexico and Hong Kong. She has taught yoga to Groupon’s leadership team.

It would be a great honor and privilege to support USA Yoga in any way possible.

Clara McGrail, Board Member

Clara McGrail is a communications professional in Washington, DC. In her early career, she headed a digital marketing team for a large philanthropy in the Washington, DC area. She currently works in public affairs for a consulting firm, counseling clients in highly-regulated industries. 

Clara began practicing yoga during high school to complement her classical ballet training. She turned exclusively to yoga in 2012 and has been an athlete for USA Yoga since 2017. 

Clara received bachelor’s degrees in English and political science from Fordham University and a master’s degree from Georgetown University. 

Beth Navarro Board Member

Beth’s yoga adventure was the result of her desire to get back into shape after giving birth to her first child.  In 2010 while working on a demanding communications migration project for a major bank, one of her fellow engineers suffered a stroke.  That year she decided she needed to bring more balance to her life and took a short break from her technical career to earn her Bikram Yoga teacher certification.  In addition to regular and advanced practice, teaching, and attending seminars, she participated in the Central/Southeast Regional Yoga Asana Championship as a yoga athlete.  She enjoyed that experience along with her older son who participated in demonstration, as he was too young to compete.  Beth’s passion for the yoga has been enriched with her continuous pursuit of knowledge with the desire to assist others who are on a path to physical, mental, and emotional transformation and progression.

Since 1998, she has enjoyed working in the Unified Communications industry where her job roles have encompassed designing, project managing, programming, and training on various communications systems, as well as supporting the communications infrastructure for her company’s agencies worldwide.  She enjoys supporting her professional colleagues as well as the yoga community in her spare time with administering, and hosting small to large scale web-based classes and seminars, utilizing tools such as Webinar, Zoom, Skype for Business, Teams, and Slack.  Some of her recent achievements have been in supporting yoga teachers to connect with their students via project managing and hosting various worldwide virtual yoga classes, seminars, and festivals via Zoom.

Beth’s yoga practice has afforded her to balance work-life demands and passions, and to continually evolve with the ever-changing demands of technology as well as our ever-changing world, and she looks forward to other ways she can help others on their journeys.

Thomas Forbang, Ph.D., Board Member

Serendipitously introduced to yoga for the first time ever in 2012, Thomas Forbang today practices yoga daily for the ninth year in a row and has been teaching, training and competing since 2015. He is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and teaches Bikram Yoga Hot 90/75/60 and Pilates. He was a USA Yoga board member from 2017 – 2018. He is also a current USA Yoga coach. 

Thomas Forbang has a PhD in Computational Sciences from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia (USA) and is a father of 5 and married for more than 29+ years. He is the Founder and President of CompInsTech – a leading IT company. Thomas Forbang speaks, reads and writes proficiently in English, French and Russian. 

“To me, yoga is more than just a hobby, it is a true panacea and should become a lifestyle for all.”

Rajashree Choudhury, Founder

Born in Kolkata, India in 1965, Rajashree started her yoga training at the urging of her parents at age four. She was a five-time winner of the National Indian Yoga Championship from 1979 to 1983 and holds certification in Hatha Yoga Therapy for chronic diseases and disorders.

With over 15 years in the East and 25 years in the West, Rajashree’s special focus has been on the emotional side of yoga and how yoga balances the energy of the human body and impacts not only disease, but also affects the body/mind/soul connection which constitutes vibrant health. She conducts seminars on yoga and personal development worldwide. She also teaches her highly-acclaimed Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

Rajashree has appeared on many national television programs in the United States and abroad doing seminars worldwide promoting the countless benefits of yoga. She is the founder of  USA Yoga. Most recently her mission is to help women in crisis of all ages and nationalities. She has been active in many charitable organizations over the years including Karma for Kids, dedicated to helping children with cancer, Uprising yoga, helping child victims of sex trafficking, and Parikrama, educating slum children in India. She is a member of the Yogin'it Family.

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