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2022 Nationals

USA Yoga National Competition

July 29-31, 2022

Event Location: Lied Recreation Athletic Center, 518 Beach Rd. Ames, IA 50011


View Results and Photos from all divisions, here!

Schedule: Competition, Classes and Events 

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Competitor Class Sign-up:

Ignite Yoga - Competitor Class Registration: https://igniteyoga.com/schedules/  $20 Registration for all classes held at Ignite Yoga; (subject to availability)

Friday - 11:00 - 12:30  SUN54 Intermediate Class (Online, Register at no cost, here - Joseph Encinia)

Open Classes held on site are Free! No registration is required. - Bring your mat, towel and water!


Time - 11:30am - 1pm  |  Teacher - Holly Raymond

Class - IYSF Yoga Sport Class. This class incorporates postures from the Ghosh lineage of Kolkata. Combining the sequence of the Original 26&2 series with more advanced postures from the Classic 84 Asanas, including those commonly seen in Yoga Asana competition. Salutations, inversions, and arm balances are among the series included to help athletes prepare for their best performances on stage.


Time - 7:30 - 9am  | Teacher - Glenn Brown

Class - Lazy Lion Yin Yoga. Designed for athletes with the Lionflow Yoga Method, using strength to release tension before long held stretches. After this class we'll have time for a 20 minute Lionflow Yoga warm up series for those who want to stick around for more.

Time - 12 - 1:30pm  |  Teacher - Wayne Campbell

Class - Stretch Yoga Therapy for Yoga Athletes. Created by Wayne, this class uses stretches focused on specific muscles for deep tissue and fascia type stretching. Perfect pre-yoga performance warm up class.


Time - 7:30 - 9am  |  Teacher - Emily Avery

Class - Balance and Flow Hatha Yoga. This class creates a series of fluid sequences from poses of the traditional advanced 84. We will flow through several sequences to challenge balance, strength, and fluidity of movement.

Volunteering Signup

We're so excited you want to help make the 2022 USA Yoga Nationals Competition better than ever for everyone! Even athletes can elevate the experience of their fellow competitors!

Please review the available slots and sign up, click here!

Workshop Sign-up:

Skills and Drills: Coaching common compulsory postures in each of the six groups for athlete's Yoga Sport routines. Join Athlete Ambassador, Suzanne Elliot and International Champion Holly Raymond Saturday, July 30 at 4:30p on location; Workshop fee, $50

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Workshop skills and drills and tips and tricks for compulsories for each of the categories: Backward Bending, Forward Bending, Lift, Traction, Inversion and Twist. Group drills for timing of routines. Visualization and inspiration for ending this year's season and starting the next Yoga Sport season. Q&A with Suzanne and some of her athletes.

Travel Information

Hotels available through State Games of America, click here

Airport service is through Des Moines International Airport (travel to Ames is ~40-45 car ride)

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